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The Turn
The Turn, is a highly successful rehabilitation-based fitness program for golfers with disabilities.  In 2002, Return To Golf (now The Turn)began with the simple goal of using the game of golf as a means to help disabled golfers become more active, both on and off the course.  Learn more at or complete the "Request Information" form (right).

To date, The Turn has served more than 250 participants and is constantly growing. Participants vary by age and golfing experience. These individuals represent a broad range of physical disabilities including stroke survivors, amputees, traumatic brain injuries, blindness, arthritis, cerebral palsy and more. Local organizations like Youth Challenge, Veterans Hospital, Cleveland Sight Center and Hanson House also utilize the The Turn facilities.

The Turn participants have the opportunity to participate in weekly golf activities, including PGA Professional instruction and The Turn league. Through a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, each session participants have access to a physical therapist. This golf-rehabilitation improves their golf game, but more importantly, maximizes their ability to perform the activities of daily living we take for granted.

Today, the The Turn is flourishing beyond expectations. In 2011, The Turn participants played more than 1,200 rounds of golf at the North Olmsted Golf Club.​ In 2012, the facilities were renovated to create a unique indoor enviroment that allows for year-round golf and wellness to occur in one location.

The Turn is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.